(Our Studio Mascot)

After our students cast their vote, Kiowa joined our studio.

“He is very big!”

“He is named after a street in Apple Valley.”

Kiowa is a Wood Bison born June 1992. Kiowa was born at Moonridge Zoo from bison on loan from the San Diego Zoo. They were brought to Big Bear because of the better environment for Wood Bison.
Our first adopted animal was Windsong, a Red Fox

Windsong came to Moonridge Zoo from Minnesota as a tiny baby and was raised by the zookeepers. Red Foxes are the largest of the foxes in North America. Red Foxes actually come in many different color phases. Two other Red Foxes reside at Moonridge, one is red and the other is dark gray and silver. 

Our Studio is happy to participate in the adoption program at Moonridge Zoo.